We have reached 300 listings... and growing!

The billboard finder website has grown from strength to strength from February 2018 with its initial launch and we are very excited to announce we have over three hundred listings on the platform now. With over 15 000 billboards in South Africa, we still have a long way to go to get most inventory on the platform but we are growing weekly and estimate to have over 500 listings by the busy festive season.

Thank you to all our media partners and for companies sending inquiries to our team, we are very grateful for your loyal support!

Please also try to follow us on our social media accounts for more updates and news.  Get in touch with us today if you need help signing up or looking for a prime billboard space for your business to advertise on.

How to choose the right billboard space

So, you have spent time on your marketing plan and have your marketing strategy down to a tee and ready start getting your information together for it.

You may have selected to choose outdoor advertising as part of your marketing strategy and have selected a budget and areas you require to target in line with your business locations. Easy enough you think as you pat yourself on the back and start your search for billboards…

You start your search on Google as that is the go to place to look for anything these days but soon realize that it only shows top ranking companies and companies that have paid for AdWords and you have to search through quite a few websites just to get information and have to resort to asking outdoor advertising companies that don’t have space in the areas you are looking for recommendations which they are at times reluctant to give.
You see in the past finding billboard space was like looking for a needle in a haystack and even if you found that perfect space often the price isn’t right or the billboard space is booked. The best way to look is to use our platform and start your search by the size of the billboard you are looking for and then inquire with our media partners and negotiate the best rates based on campaign term and possible package deals you can throw together. Don’t be scared to ask for discount and you can usually take 20 to 30 percentage of the media rate card rate lower when thinking discount with our industry.

So, get searching on our platform for billboards on our platform and if you don’t find what you are looking for try speaking to our team and we will find it for you and do all the work.

Outdoor advertising is even more effective if you get the creative right.

Outdoor advertising can be highly effective and engaging but it is important to spend time on your creative to get the highest return on investment for your marketing campaign.

As obvious as this may seem being creative and doing so in often a short period of time with crunching deadlines to meet so we can get the campaign up and running can be very daunting for a creative. However if executed well the return on investment on your rand spent we believe can be as much as 300% more a poorly executed rushed job creative. It is therefore vital that media owners and clients ensure that sufficient time is allocated in planning for creatives to be sent and that deadlines aren’t given that unachievable.

This been said there are numerous examples of outstanding creative work been done and outdoor advertising has been the rock star of the mediums accounting for consumers evening talking to peers and spreading the brand message even further. This is the ultimate example of the best use of creative design but not always achievable. Worst case scenario we recommend that creatives should follow these simple rules or tips for designing effective artwork for outdoor advertising:

Tip 1: A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words!

Tip 2: Less is more!

A simple, single-minded message has great street presence. With only a few seconds to create an impression, it is essential to clear away the extraneous. Focus is the key.

Tip 3: Consider the distance from the road.

Distance is a variable that must be considered. Because the audience is often in motion, the viewing time of the creative is sometimes limited to just a few seconds.

Tip 4: The Use of Colour.

Effective use of colour is one of the most important considerations when designing for outdoor advertising. See below for example:

Tip 5: Correct font choice is very important!

Factors such as space, style and most importantly legibility are very important in ensuring that your message is seen by passing consumers. See below for a few examples of great font choices:

Most importantly our team at Billboard Finder are here to guide and assist you with your creative design and will ensure that your creative is most effectively used at the right time and in the right location.

Give us a call on 072 473 4382 or pop us an email on info@billboardfinder and we cant wait to get creative with you.