How to choose the right billboard space

So, you have spent time on your marketing plan and have your marketing strategy down to a tee and ready start getting your information together for it.

You may have selected to choose outdoor advertising as part of your marketing strategy and have selected a budget and areas you require to target in line with your business locations. Easy enough you think as you pat yourself on the back and start your search for billboards…

You start your search on Google as that is the go to place to look for anything these days but soon realize that it only shows top ranking companies and companies that have paid for AdWords and you have to search through quite a few websites just to get information and have to resort to asking outdoor advertising companies that don’t have space in the areas you are looking for recommendations which they are at times reluctant to give.
You see in the past finding billboard space was like looking for a needle in a haystack and even if you found that perfect space often the price isn’t right or the billboard space is booked. The best way to look is to use our platform and start your search by the size of the billboard you are looking for and then inquire with our media partners and negotiate the best rates based on campaign term and possible package deals you can throw together. Don’t be scared to ask for discount and you can usually take 20 to 30 percentage of the media rate card rate lower when thinking discount with our industry.

So, get searching on our platform for billboards on our platform and if you don’t find what you are looking for try speaking to our team and we will find it for you and do all the work.